Unexpected Accomplishment

I started out my day with the intention of doing a longer run than normal that would get me prepared for a 1/2 marathon that am training for.  No race, just for my own personal goal.  I planned a 6-mile run but was not even sure if I was up for that.  I had my path mapped in my head even before I got to the start of my run.  I did my normal routine of warming up and hit the trail.  I got to a place where I needed to turn around to get to the next point of my run but decided not to and kept going straight.  I figured it would be different scenery and trusted it would be the same distance.  Little did I know that I kept running and running and running. I quickly figured out that I was not going to hit my 6 mile mark but I would be running further.  I laughed at myself because I equated this diversion of my run to my own life.

Life steers you from the path of intention to another direction all the time.  We just need to recognize it, go for it and not fear the unknown. Go down the path with faith that it will all work out no matter what obstacles are in the way.  This time in particular for me, I took a leap, tried something different and found out I could run further than I intended. I did not have a choice because I had to get back but what struck me as I got closer to the finish was that I actually did almost 2.5 miles more than I planned.  I realized that our minds can stop us from what we are really capable of doing!   It just goes to show that you can accomplish more than you think.  I found out today that I was stronger than I thought and am so proud that I did it!  My conclusion is you have to change your mind to change your path.  Your best intentions may be limiting you.  Don’t stay in the same rut but take a leap, venture out further on that trail, go the extra mile until you reach your finish line.  You may find that you are stronger than YOU think and your best intentions will be an unexpected accomplishement in the long run!

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  1. Larissa says:

    Amy, thank you for the insightful post. This is what I admire so much about you-youre willingness to venture into new territory. I’ ve really taken that lesson to heart and strive for it now, too. I recently met up with a professor about getting into research-finally, a professor that is willing to give me that chance. She offered me the opportunity to present at a conference. It sounds scary because I’ve never done anything like that. But my attitude has changed. Just because it isnt exactly what I asked for doesnt mean I shouldnt go for it. I’m sure I will not regret the decision to take the challenge!

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