The Instructors

Amy Cady PMA®-CPT, Program Director

Hi everybody!  Welcome…Just a little info about  my career and how I got started with our Teacher Training:

I started doing Teacher Training because as I was hiring  teachers (who had nationally recognized certifications) to work at my studio,  I realized that even though they knew the exercises, they did not know how to teach!  I ended up training them myself and my staff encouraged me to start a Program.  With a little encouragement and a passion for teaching, I figured I could share my knowledge and years of experience with potential trainees and born was the ABC Pilates Teacher Training Program.

Some accolades:  I am an author, coach, fitness expert, and owner of ABC Pilates in Laguna Niguel , California.
 I am PMA certified and  also a certified pre/post natal Master Teacher for The Center of Women’s Fitness where have trained and certified instructors to teach pre/post natal Pilates for Southern California. I am also a Balanced Body University Partner Faculty and teach BBU curriculum for the ABC Pilates Teacher Training Program which was recognized by the PMA Registry of Schools. I most recently completed a certification in the Pink Ribbon Program. I am also an Ambassador emeritus at Lululemon Athletica for my community involvement and commitment to health and fitness in Pilates. In addition, I have been practicing Pilates for over 17 years and am a registered active member of the The Pilates Method Alliance® (PMA™).  I am a workshop and mat presenter for various venues including the Pilates Method Alliance.  I have published  Pre Natal Pilates on the Exo Chair and have been featured in Pilates Style Magazine, OC Parenting, OC Family Magazine and Today’s Woman Magazine. In 2012, I launched my  popular Skinnylates System with the release of a fitness DVD and my book, Get The Skinny On Your Success .  I am also a visiting instructor  for Pilates Anytime which is online Pilates coursework.

Now for the reasons you want to take our course!  I have trained deconditioned clients all the way to the ultimate athletes of  Cirque du Soleil.  I continuously take numerous intensive workshops from Pilates elders and master teachers in the field. I  bring to my teachings a unique background in mind-body fitness and dance influenced by traditional exercises of Joseph Pilates and other modern techniques. 

Lastly, my education:   B.S. ed in performance and choreography from the University of Georgia and an MFA in Dance from UC Irvine with an emphasis in computer technology.

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