5 Reasons Why Men Should Do Pilates

Joseph Pilates

Read about the 5 Reasons Why Men Should Do Pilates:

  1. Core strength is not gender specific. Everyone needs strength through the center of their body.  Pilates addresses this area very specifically.
  2. Pilates is for the athlete.  Look for these names during the Winter Olympics: Billy DeMong and Shani Davis. Two men who are competing this winter and both do Pilates.
  3. Pilates is not age specific.  Any age can gain strength and flexibility.  Pilates has modifications, equipment and skilled trainers to help you achieve your personal goals.  
  4. Stay in the game.  Many “weekend warriors” come to Pilates after an injury in their sport.  Why wait for that to happen?  Take your first session this week!
  5. Pilates was created by a man. Joseph Pilates was a visionary for his time but his exercises and equipment have endured through the decades.  This alone is proof how vital and important a Pilates practice can be!

Inspiration Award Mike Mikata

Mike MikataI have always been physically active. Organized sports, recreational sports, gyms, and in the last year and a half, Crossfit training. A lifetime of activity is taking its toll. I have been in physical therapy three or four times in the last year. To repair knee, low back, and neck problems. At my last treatment I was encouraged to work on proper form to avoid stressing joints. Also to strengthen before I head back to Crossfit. I was directed to ABC Pilates to work on body mechanics. I thought, a few Pilates classes and I’ll be back Crossfitting. Little did I know…

If I'm moving, Pilates is helping

I quickly learned while working with Amy, if I’m moving, Pilates is helping. I started out focused on doing the movements correctly. Watching closely and copying the positions and movements. Then with Amy’s instructions and cueing I began connecting the dots between the movements and themuscles. “Check your sits bone”, “Check your symmetry”, “Activate your core”, “Think tall”, “Stretchhhhhh”. I’ve since learned to: check my sits bone, set up evenly balanced before I begin an exercise. Its called core for a reason, like it’s the core of every movement. Extend to finish off the move. Stretching is not just for the tired. At the end of each class I’m usually sweaty (wow Pilates done right is tough!), taller, tired but energized if that’s possible.

Lately my Pilates experience has crossed over into my daily life. What started out as conscious thought is becoming automatic action: checking my posture thinking tall and symmetrical, sits bone correct?, shoulders back and down, is my core active when I stand up, sit down, lift? Physical, remember to stretch. I now see Pilates as complementing what I do at Crossfit. It turns out that if I’m moving, Pilates is helping!

5 Reasons to do Pilates

Pilates Styleby Katherine Duncan

Reason #1: Strengthen and Lengthen.

A long, lean muscle is a strong muscle. Pilates helps you improve your lean muscle mass but along with that comes greater range of motion. Imagine what that will do for your tennis/golf/swim stroke.

Reason #2: Posture.

In Pilates, it’s the little things that have the greatest impact. Good posture and postural awareness is built into every Pilates exercise. The end result is that you will know your body and move more efficiently through your activities. Can you see yourself  trail running down that mountain in complete control no knee pain, no back pain?

Reason #3: Balance.

As we get older we start to lose our sense of balance. When we were kids we played and our balance was a given component to our activities. From running, jumping, skating to riding bikes we were in constant motion. So let’s get back to playing. Pilates is fun and with every exercise we develop and get back the balance of our “inner child”.

Reason #4: Athletic Performance.

Pilates makes your sport better. There is a reason why so many professional and Olympic athletes do Pilates. Many of the exercises in Pilates imitate movements we do in our sport. From swimming, biking running, rock climbing and more Pilates will give you the endurance, strength, power and mobility you need.

Reason #5: The Challenge.

“Humm I don’t know Pilates doesn’t seem like a hard workout”. Yep that’s because when done well anything looks easy. But Pilates is a challenge and can be a cardio challenge as well, there is sweat involved. However, for those who need more of a rehab program Pilates can do that too.

The final word:

Pilates is a practice and as with any practice you need consistency.

Your first Pilates session is just the beginning. To really change your life give it six weeks – you will see and feel the difference! 

Cirque du Soleil and Teacher Training

Pilates at Cirque du Soleil

Pilates at Cirque du Soleil

I just completed 6 weeks training the Cirque du Soleil’s talent during their Totem show in Orange County. Hard to believe that they needed Pilates but it is true. My kids and I had the privilege to see the show before I actually started training them. They had never seen Cirque du Soleil and I was so excited for them to see the magnificence of what Cirque is. As the opening number unfolded, a jeweled man enters the scene from the high ceiling of the tent, and an unveiling of frogs were jumping and swinging on high bars. I sat in the audience in awe of not only the acts, but the bodies! I am sure my kids saw the look on my face because my son leaned over to me after the first act and said, ”Good luck with that, mom.” I had to laugh because I really was in disbelief. They really need Pilates? Really? 


Cirque du Soleil Tent

The next day my nerves got the better of me. I was due on the site at 4:30pm to train the Cirque talent. I walked backstage into a scene of spinning, flipping and a circling swarm of characters. Every 30 minutes a different person trained with me.  I did not know who they were, what their background was or if they even spoke English. As I walked passed everyone to check in and get to the Pilates equipment, I started asking myself how I got here. The introductions were made and my first client approached me, his shirt off and his six pack glaring at me. I was as tense as a piece of ice.

I asked him what I could help him with and his answer was, “Well, I don’t work out. Teach me Pilates. “Huh”? I said. The look of disbelief on my face must have been real enough because he started laughing at me and the ice was broken. Come to find out, all the performers were broken! What I mean by that is, as amazing as they look and perform, they all are benefiting from Pilates and the information that I am sharing with them.  They put their bodies through so much during the show that they need to align their bodies outside of the show. Pilates is perfect for them. 


ABC Pilates Teacher Trainees

At the end of every day with them, I would walk out of the tent with a big smile on my face. I would approach my car and look back on the Cirque tent  in amazement that all of my training and experience has led me to this moment. I am grateful and thankful that I get to share my experiences with you. I do Pilates because it improves lives and I can give back. I do Teacher Training because I know  you want to help others, too.

We start our first training Module in a few weeks but you can join me at any time. I will continue to work with Cirque in Santa Monica until the end of March. I am looking forward to more experiences and stories to share and teach to you. Join me and together we can keep the Pilates movement infiltrated in our community. From our deconditioned friends to the athletes of Cirque, there are plenty of broken people to help and we need you to help them …





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Congratulations on finishing your training!

Tracy DotyFrom Tracy Doty: Graduate Dec. 2013

My love for the art of Pilates began ten years ago in a mat class taught by Katherine Duncan. As a former professional dancer and instructor/choreographer, Pilates felt natural and wonderful. After teaching children’s dance for 25 years, the ABC teacher training program was the perfect transition into a new career.  Although the training program took me nearly three years, I am officially and proudly certified!  Working and practicing at ABC, under the care and expertise of Amy and Katherine, has both motivated and pushed me to conquer fears and achieve goals that I didn’t know were possible.  Working and practicing at ABC Pilates brings me great joy!  I love my job!  How lucky I am to be able to say that!


From Juli Van Dorn testimonial: Graduate Dec. 2013

I didn’t realize the extent to which fitness drives me, until I got bogged down in working towards another career in 2011 and early 2012, had no time to exercise, and absolutely couldn’t stand it! Disappointed with my own weight gain and struggling to overcome ever-increasing road blocks in the path I was taking, I found myself longing to renew a healthy connection with my body, instead of the “passion” I was pursuing.

One day, I finally admitted to myself that I was going in the wrong direction and made the extremely difficult decision to retreat. The VERY NEXT DAY, Amy posted a notification that teacher training would begin soon at ABC Pilates! It was a moment of true serendipity — I had fallen in love with Pilates and wanted to train under Amy to become an instructor back in 2003! And in that moment, as I was struggling to accept my “failure” and redirect my energies, the perfect opportunity appeared!

In May of 2012, I began teacher training at ABC Pilates. I initially signed on for the intensive Mat/Reformer program, but soon realized I wanted to master all the equipment, so I switched to the full program. (I’m glad I did!) As I renewed my Pilates practice and the connection between mind and body, I found more energy, joy, and sense of purpose in my life. While studying and working full time, I was hired as a student teacher at a studio local to me. In 2013 (ten years after Amy’s classes first gave me the dream of becoming a Pilates instructor), I received my certificate from ABC Pilates, was hired on as a certified instructor at my local studio, and couldn’t be more excited about the path ahead of me!!

Every time I step into the studio, I feel the joy of doing something I love and believe in. When I leave, it’s with the satisfaction that what I’m doing helps people become healthier and happier! Joseph Campbell (another great Joe!) summed it up perfectly: “I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”

Fast Flourless Chocolate Cake

by Charlotte Nelson

Here is another yummy recipe for the holiday season compliments of our ABC Pilates teacher and intern, Charlotte Nelson. Charlotte was led to Pilates because of a herniated disk in her low back.  Before Pilates she was an administrative assistant, sitting long hours and not getting enough exercise for a long time. She wanted to strengthen her back and core so that she didn’t continue to injure herself. She fell in love with Pilates and was a dedicated student for five years. It was a natural progression for her to become a Pilates Practitioner. Charlotte teaches TRX, group and private classes at the studio.  Look for her helping us behind the desk, helping with our Cinderella duties and taking care of business!

This is one of Charlotte’s favorite recipe’s because it’s quick to make (when you have a lot of other things to cook) and it tastes amazing.

 The recipe:

Preheat oven to 350°.  Butter a 9-inch deep-sided springform pan, line with parchment paper, and butter the parchment.

In a large saucepan, simmer 1 lb. bittersweet chocolate, coarsely chopped; 1 cup unsalted butter; and ¼ cup chocolate, hazelnut or coffee liqueur. When mixture is melted and smooth, stir in 1 ½  tsp. vanilla extract.  Set aside to cool.  Beat 7 eggs (at room temperature) with 1 cup granulated sugar on medium for 5 minutes or until fluffy. Gradually add eggs to chocolate mixture. Spoon batter into pan. Bake cake for about 1 hour or until a toothpick inserted into center comes out with a few crumbs attached. Cool for 1 hour in pan, then loosen spring-form and remove. When cool, sprinkle cake with confectioners’ sugar.

Store in refrigerator.  Serves 12.

Picture from allrecipes.com.

ABC Pilates | We are thankful for…

Kris Brown – Teacher/Trainee at ABC Pilates: I am grateful for family, old friends, new friends, health, family bike rides, hugs and snuggles, movie nights, ice cream, winter’s crisp air, summer’s warm nights, the beach, for teachers, for life and of course, Joseph Pilates:) I could really go on and on…but I figured this could do for now.

Robin Reed – Teacher/Trainee at ABC Pilates:

  • my amazing friends/family near and far……they are all priceless!
  • the never ending love of Jesus Christ
  • the opportunity to start a pilates teacher training program; looking so forward to helping others get healthy with this amazing form of exercise

Tracy Doty – Teacher at ABC Pilates: The single most important thing that I am thankful for is the health and happiness of my family.  When it comes right down to it, there is no greater joy and nothing of greater importance.

Kristin Norman - Teacher / Trainee at ABC Pilates: I have gratitude for so much in my life that this is a HARD question. We all have so much to be grateful for as we have such abundance in our lives health, the love of family & friends and our awesomely supportive Pilates Family @ ABC, coupled with the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us. We are truly so blessed!!! However some of my best moments which I am truly grateful for are my morning and evening walks when I can be with nature breathing in the fresh crisp air and enjoying the natural world, this truly makes me feel so ALIVE and abundant.

Julianne Land - Teacher at ABC Pilates: I am grateful for friendships. Life is so much better when you have a wonderful support group.

Robin Julien - Teacher/Trainee at ABC Pilates: I’m grateful for all the wonderful and interesting people I’ve had the pleasure meeting this year.  We can always learn from something from everyone we meet. The lesson in this to meet people where they are.

Debi Wheeler - aka Tall Girl Pilates - Teacher/Trainee at ABC Pilates: I am grateful for my family and my friends, especially all the new wonderful friends I have met through ABC Pilates! Xoxo 

Charlotte Nelson – Teacher at ABC Pilates: To answer your question about what I am thankful for this year — there are a lot of things, but it’s mostly about the good fortune, health and happiness of my family and friends.  For me, if all of these things have played out during the year, all is well in the universe.  I am also a HUGE animal advocate, and I’m thankful for the like-minded people I have encountered during the year.  Together we have done some terrific things to improve and save animals lives.  It’s an endless battle.

Katherine Duncan - Teacher/Studio Manager at ABC Pilates: I am honored and amazed by my children’s strength, courage and talent.  I am grateful to be their mom.  For my husband who has a philosophy on life that keeps me calm.  My friends who make me laugh and keep life adventurous.   I am grateful to my sister/artist/chef and mentor. Of course I am grateful to Joseph Pilates and his vision.  I love my job and the people I work with! 

Amy Cady – owner ABC Pilates: Grateful to be loved and supported by my friends and family and appreciate the time we share to connect.                     


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